Dim Sum Series
    - Otah (Fish)
    - Radish Cake
    - Seafood Gyoza
    - Seafood Roll Cake
    - Seafood Shao Mai
    - Seafood Wonton
    - Shiitake Dumpling
    - Shrimp & Chives Dumpling
    - Shrimp Har Kao
    - Sticky Rice In Lotus Leaf (Out Of Stock)
    - Turnip Shrimp Fan Guo

  Finger Food Series
    - Butterfly Breaded Shrimp
    - Korean Pancake
    - Pre-Fried Breaded Pangasius (Tempura Nuggets)
    - Prefried Squid Head Karaage (Out Of Stock)
    - Seafood Croquette
    - Shrimp Spring Roll
    - Squid Cheese Net Ball
    - Vegetable Curry Puff
    - Vegetarian Net Rice Spring Roll

  Pastry Series
    - Mini Chocolate Profiteroles (Cream Puffs)
    - Mini Eclairs (Chocolate)
    - Mini Vanilla Profiteroles (Cream Puffs)
    - Premium Pancake

  Raw Materials
    - Pangasius Fish Fillets (No Chemical)
    - Pangasius Fish Nuggets (Unbreaded)

  Tofu Series
    - Cai Xiang Homemade Tofu
    - Egg Tofu
    - Pressed Tofu
    - Silken Tofu
    - Tou Kwa

  Traditional Buns Series
    - Longevity Bun
    - Mantou
    - Mini Bun
    - Sandwich Bun

Guan Poh is a Singapore incorporated company. We have been in the food industry for over 30 years. The company started out as a traditional vegetarian buns (包皮) manufacturing business in the 1970s in a small kampung shack in Serangoon, and later relocated to a shop house in Sembawang. In 1984 we acquired a factory in the Marsiling Industrial Estate and established a semi-automated production line. To meet rising demands, the manufacturing facilities were further expanded in 1994 when we moved to a 13,000 sq ft factory in Woodlands Terrace.

The many years of experience in food production has allowed us to also build invaluable knowledge in procurement, packaging and product distribution. Hence more recently in 2012, we have transited to become wholesaler of frozen and chilled food items, having successfully outsourced the manufacturing of our buns and related products to trusted supplies while retaining the production of chilled desserts in-house. At the same time, we have established new series of frozen food items.

Today, besides manufacturing our own brand of food products, we also customize food products for wholesalers and distributors around the world under their own brands.

Guan Poh has always emphasized on innovations, quality and hygiene in its food production and management. We are an ISO 22000 & HACCP certified company.