Dim Sum Series
    - Otah (Fish)
    - Radish Cake (Out Of Stock)
    - Seafood Gyoza
    - Seafood Roll Cake
    - Seafood Shao Mai
    - Seafood Wonton (Out Of Stock)
    - Shiitake Dumpling
    - Shrimp & Chives Dumpling
    - Shrimp Har Kao
    - Sticky Rice In Lotus Leaf
    - Turnip Shrimp Fan Guo

  Finger Food Series
    - Butterfly Breaded Shrimp
    - Korean Pancake
    - Pre-Fried Breaded Pangasius (Tempura Nuggets)
    - Prefried Squid Head Karaage (Out Of Stock)
    - Seafood Croquette
    - Shrimp Spring Roll
    - Squid Cheese Net Ball
    - Vegetable Curry Puff
    - Vegetarian Net Rice Spring Roll

  Pastry Series
    - Mini Chocolate Profiteroles (Cream Puffs)
    - Mini Eclairs (Chocolate)
    - Mini Vanilla Profiteroles (Cream Puffs)
    - Premium Pancake

  Raw Materials
    - Fresh Peel Whole Kernel Sweet Corn
    - Mixed Vegetables
    - Pangasius Fish Fillets (No Chemical)
    - Pangasius Fish Nuggets (Unbreaded)

  Tofu Series
    - Cai Xiang Homemade Tofu
    - Egg Tofu
    - Pressed Tofu
    - Silken Tofu
    - Tou Kwa

  Traditional Buns Series
    - Longevity Bun
    - Mantou
    - Mini Bun
    - Sandwich Bun

Raw Materials

Fresh Peel Whole Kernel Sweet Corn

GPRM11Fresh Peel Whole Kernel Sweet Corn2kg x 10pkts /ctn

Mixed Vegetables

GPRM12Mixed Vegetables1kg x 10pkts /ctn

Pangasius Fish Fillets (No Chemical)

GPRM02Pangasius Fish Fillets (No Chemical)Approx.200-250g /pcGross 7kg /ctn (Drained weight 6.3kg /ctn)

Pangasius Fish Nuggets (Unbreaded)

AN03Pangasius Fish Nuggets (Unbreaded)Approx.18-25g /pcGross 5kg (Approx.250pcs /ctn)